Fans Were Majorly Impressed By Kelly Clarkson’s Parade Performance—And For Good Reason

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade—whether in person or on TV—has become a tradition for millions of people. It takes months worth of production and preparation to get ready for it every year, but since it’s a live show things go wrong and you just have to roll with it.

This year was plagued with acts dropping last minute, non-cooperative winds and the kind of cold that makes even native New Yorkers suit up like they’re about to rob a bank in Antarctica.

But Kelly Clarkson is apparently above all challenges when it comes to putting on a show. First of all, she was added as a performer a mere TWO DAYS before the parade.

Most artists would be worried about such short prep time, but if it bugged Kelly she never showed it. The shows coordinators reminded her that she could use a backing track and lip sync since that’s traditionally what artists do—but she declined and brought her full band.

New York City woke up to an unusually cold and windy Thanksgiving morning, putting the entire parade in danger. The high winds meant the balloons may not be able to fly and the intense cold meant the performers would likely have to lip sync since that kind of cold freezes vocal cords, makes breathing hurt and is generally bad for the lungs.

As usual, acts opted for tracks and lip synced performances so they could put on the best show possible.

Kelly had the opportunity to lip sync. Her horn section had the option to use tracked music since breathing control would be almost impossible in that weather. Her backing singers could have been supported by pre-recorded vocals.

Kelly’s response:

“I sing live.”

And sing live she did. Clarkson and her band turned out a performance that wasn’t just “pretty good for being literally freezing”—it was Clarkson level awesome. Her signature powerhouse raspy vocals didn’t seem touched by the weather at all and if anyone in her horn section was struggling, nobody could tell.

Her backing singers bundled up and made sure their throats were protected by scarves. Everyone hit the stage and went for it.

Watch the performance here.


Twitter lost it with appreciation for how good she was—and how hard it must have been to pull off. 

This person actually joined Twitter specifically to talk about Kelly going live.

But wait… there’s more!

Kelly wasn’t the only performer to go for it. Ella Mai used a backing track, but bounced her way down the parade on a float singing her hit single, “Boo’d Up“.

It seems she was brave enough to go for live vocals too! 

So there you have it folks! Even in ridiculously freezing weather, these women delivered impressive vocals and we applaud them for it.

H/T: Buzzfeed, YouTube, Twitter