Members Of The Trans And Non-Binary Community Are Telling Their Stories To Vogue—And The Results Are Gorgeously Moving ????

In an era when the very existence of transgender and gender nonconforming people is up for debate by cisgender people, sharing one’s truth as a trans person is a radical act. British Vogue gathered 42 trans and nonbinary people to speak about their experiences living authentically in a world that often seems to want to erase them.

The moving short documentary can be seen below.

Journalist Shon Faye also wrote an accompanying short piece for the publication.

The text reads:

“In the United States, the current federal administration is openly hostile to the civil liberties of transgender people and has signalled that it may move to reverse current protections. In the UK, a government consultation on simplifying the process to change legal gender has become a vicious and distressing media debate on the validity of trans people. You may be hearing more about us, but when there are no openly trans editors, staff writers, directors or producers at major media organisations, and no openly trans people in Parliament, very often we are not in control of the terms of the discussion.”

People were here for it.

Some of the participants offered their thanks to British Vogue for creating this important video and asking them to take part.

After the Trump administration sought to erase all acknowledgement of trans people, the hashtag #WeWontBeErased began to trend.

Trans people have existed since the beginning of humanity and they deserve lives of dignity and respect.

H/T: British Vogue, Twitter