Scientist Names Newly Discovered Insect After A Former Toronto Blue Jays Player

Dr. Bob Anderson is an Ottawa-based entomologist at the Beaty Centre for Species Discovery. Dominican Republic-born Joey Bautista is a right-fielder and third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays. These two people may not seem like they fit together, but now they do.

Anderson was in the Dominican Republic looking at weevils when he discovered a new species of the small beetle. He had always flirted with naming a new species of insect after Bautista, and he finally decided to do it.

Anderson explained to the Ottawa Citizen that the inspiration came from seeing Bautista play a game in 2015:

“It was a statement home run and he punctuated it with an ‘in your face’ bat flip, which has now been immortalized in baseball lore. I had been working on describing some new weevils from the West Indies, including some from the Dominican Republic, so I began to think about naming a species after him. It was just one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions.”

Everyone, here’s your first look at the Sicoderus bautistai.

And meet its discoverer, Dr. Bob Anderson.

People were pretty grossed out by the insect.

Some were strangely entranced by it.

And many thought it looked like something out of an alien movie.

No word yet on what Bautista thinks of this honor.

H/T: Ottawa Citizen, Twitter