Blake Lively’s ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ Post Shows She’s Just Like Us

Blake Lively became a cultural institution starring in the CW hit Gossip Girl, interspersed with and followed by a slew of films and an envy-inducing marriage to Ryan Reynolds.

And though the star of 2018’s A Simple Favor may be a supermodel of the world and renowned actor, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped being relatable.

Don’t believe us?

Check this Instagram post out.

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Thanksgiving: EXPECTATION vs REALITY….

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The star used the popular “Expectation vs. Reality” meme format to prove that—deep down—she’s just like us.

The first photo—”expectation”—shows the star in a majestic gown with a glass filled to the brim with red wine, sitting at a food-laden table Bacchus himself would envy.

Then, just as we’re overtaken by envy and admiration, a quick swipe left—the “reality” photo—shows that Lively is still down to destroy some burgers in the backseat of her car.

The comments on her post reached a unanimous consensus: big mood.





The undone pants in the second photo (for maximum nosh) got clocked by many.



But if you’ve been following Blake Lively, you already know she’s pretty down to earth.

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“Why can’t I quit you?”

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However relatable she may be, many pointed out that Blake Lively is still fierce even when binging on a burger—a national treasure who must be protected at all costs.





Nonetheless, we should all be grateful that Lively doesn’t bother with making every aspect of her life seem glamorous, answering for all of us the age old question:

Where’s the beef?