Netflix Makes $50 Million Deal With The Devil To Settle ‘Sabrina’ Lawsuit, Literally

Well, they do say the Devil is in the details.

Netflix and the Satanic Temple finally reached a detente in the copyright infringement lawsuit the Temple recently filed over Netflix’s new show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Several episodes of the show feature an image of the deity Baphomet, a half-man, half-goat figure worshipped by various occult and esoteric spiritual groups. Imagery of Baphomet first appeared in the mid 1800s and its origins go back to the Knights Templar in the 14th century.

But the Satanic Temple created its own version of Baphomet as its main symbol. And it is this version, the suit alleges, that Sabrina copied and used without credit.

In a statement, the Temple’s founder, Lucien Greaves, said that while “Many people immediately supported our copyright claim,” the organization has been flooded with pushback, some of which went so far as to accuse the organization of harming the show’s teenage star, Kiernan Shipka.

Greaves writes:

“I have gotten quite a bit of hate mail from people seemingly basic enough to conceive of the situation as one in which a large powerful Satanic organization is using its might to bully an uncertain and innocent teenage witch who has just been newly exposed to the wide, cruel world.”

Shipka is, of course, no newcomer, having starred on Mad Men for seven seasons and appearing in Ryan Murphy’s series Feud: Bette and Joan last year.

But it’s not just the show’s uncredited usage itself that angered the Temple, which was founded in 2012 with a focus on promoting social justice and the separation of church and state (its ties to Satan and Satanism are metaphorical). The depiction of Baphomet, which Greaves characterized on Twitter as “asinine Satanic Panic fiction,” angered the group as well.

Greaves went on to characterize the response as discriminatory:

“I’m amazed that anybody is confused as to why we would seek legal remedy over Sabrina using our monument. Would they be as understanding of a fictional show that used a real mosque as the HQ of a terrorist cell? A fictional Blood Libel tale implicating real world Jews?”

The $50 million lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Greaves announced his victory on Twitter.

And the responses on social media were all over the map.

Many–both Satanists and non–were congratulatory.

But many others were less than enthusiastic.

And, of course, there were jokes!

And, naturally, there were those who just didn’t get it.

(There’s always one.)

Anyway, in addition to whatever financial compensation was involved, Sabrina will now credit the Temple of Satan in the end titles of all episodes.

Guess it’s official: when you mess with the Devil, you get the horns.

H/T: Yahoo News, CNN