Some Viewers Are Questioning ‘Racist’ Classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Scene

Is Charlie Brown racist?

Modern viewers of 1973’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving claim that one particular scene in the classic cartoon appears to depict racial segregation.

As Charlie Brown’s gang of friends sits down for a Thanksgiving feast, some couldn’t help but notice that Franklin, the only African-American character in the series, is seated by himself. To be fair, Franklin seems a bit lonely without any friends on his side of the table.

People are debating online whether the scene can be interpreted as racist.

Critics have pointed out that Franklin is seated in a broken deck chair opposed to the formal chairs sat in by the white characters.

Though some call it an irrelevant detail, others claim offense that Franklin was given a “worse chair.”

Plenty of folks are upset with Charlie Brown’sracist” Thanksgiving dinner.


Sarcasm is hard to detect online.

But were the creators of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving really racist? 

Quite the opposite, actually.

As many pointed out, Franklin’s inclusion in the cartoon was a revolutionary step in 1973. Those familiar with the special’s plot believe Franklin was seated towards the Peanuts gang because they considered him their special guest.

Lots of people groaned at the misguided attempts to call Charlie Brown racist.

Most agree the cartoon wasn’t racist, but actually progressive.

So why the controversy?

When in doubt, blame millennials. 

Racism is a scourge on our society that needs to be wiped out.

But is a single scene from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving proof of racism?

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