Obama’s Photographer Explains Why He Trolls Trump So Much—And We Totally Get It

You probably know Pete Souza as Barack Obama’s photographer during his presidency, but it’s in Obama’s post-presidency that Souza has made a real name for himself as a masterful troll of Donald Trump.

Souza has been a fierce critic of President Trump and his penchant for outright falsehoods, especially the ones about President Obama.

So, Souza regularly takes to Instagram to share photos he took of the former president to draw a contrast with the current occupant of the White House.

His Instagram trolling has been so successful that he recently released a book, Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents, which more directly draws contrasts between the two American presidents.

He stopped by CNN to explain his reasons for creating it.

In the interview, he states…

“I’m also trying to correct some of his lies and falsehoods with photographic proof.”

Souza was also the Presidential photographer for Republican President Reagan. He explained that he would not have treated a President Romney or President McCain the way he is treating President Trump.

“…they respected the office of the presidency and that’s what we don’t see from this president. There’s just too many things that is not normal for a president to be doing.”

People expressed their appreciation for Pete Souza.

Others expressed their concerns about President Trump.

Most looked forward to getting their hands on a copy of the book.

Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents is on bookshelves now.

H/T: Twitter, Huffington Post