Wall Street Journal Article About What To Wear If You Work From Home Has People Rolling Their Eyes

The Wall Street Journal released an article on November 25th, 2018, which was intended to be a helpful “How To” that came off as completely condescending instead.

“Working remotely—long the territory of slobby creatives—has become newly social thanks to co-working spaces and teleconferencing. Here’s how to upgrade your look without sacrificing comfort,” begins the article.

Well, the “slobby creatives,” funnily enough, don’t normally like being told what to do.

The author’s personality type, as conveyed through the article, suggested that she was the kind of multitasker who needed to dress a certain way in order to stay focused–which is all well and good for her, but her alternatives to the ever-popular uniform of t-shirt and sweats included $4,000 earrings, $600 shoes to make a coffee appointment, and a $200 shirt to meet clients.

And the dig at sweatpants on the tweet?  We slobby creatives will not stand for that.

The sexist undertones of this piece may be the worst part of it all.  But then, the WSJ has always maintained a planetary distance from how normal folks operate on a day to day basis.

Also, like, butt out, WSJ; our sartorial choices when we work from home is none of your business.

H/T: The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed News