An Australian Robot Actually Performed Surgery On A Grape—And The Internet Cannot Deal 😂

Have you heard? A grape recently underwent some much-anticipated surgery.

The recently released footage shows a robot performing the surgery in Australia.

The video proves not that this new robot can assist in surgeries, but that the robot performed surgery on a grape.

People were flummoxed.

The image and caption combination has proven to be one of the strangest and most powerful memes of 2018. The joke: they did surgery on a grape. Get it?

Twitter can’t stop talking about it.

There’s now a neverending sea of grape memes on the internet.

We hope you’re proud of yourselves, internet.


Some Twitter users inserted the grape meme into other popular memes.

Will the world ever be the same after the grape got surgery?

The “surgery” was an Australian demonstration of surgical equipment from several years ago…BUT THAT MAKES IT NO LESS IMPRESSIVE.

Congratulations, world. WE DID SURGERY ON A GRAPE!

H/T – Twitter, YouTube