Bear Casually Walks Into Police Station On Two Legs In Viral Video Like He Owns The Joint 😮

There are a multitude of people who walk into police stations. Police officers, concerned citizens wanting to report a crime, bears…

Okay, so maybe bears aren’t the run of the mill guests at a police station, but one particular bear didn’t get the memo.  Remarkable CCTV footage shows the moment the bear opened a door to a police station and popped in for a visit.

The video from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) station in Truckee shows the bear standing on its hind legs and pulling the door open from its handle, shortly before it is chased out by two armed officers.

That’s one dexterous bear!

The clip of the bear paying its unexpected night time visit was posted to the CHP Donner Pass Facebook page:



The account later shared another video of the bear caught outside the police station, this time showing it investigating a large dustbin:


Of course Facebook users had a lot to say about the bear’s unexpected visit.

Many speculated on what might’ve have brought him in:

Some people were disapproving of the officer who pulled out his gun:

Others were simply awed:

Of course, most people were all about the jokes:

However bearly believable it was, it happened. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.