This Bizarre Fact About Scorpions Has The Internet Freaking Out 😮

These odd little creatures just got even more unusual.

The scorpion might not be the most loved animal on the internet but it’s in the middle of its 15 minutes of fame right now.

That’s due to YouTuber Taylor Nicole Dean, who showed off a neat fact about scorpions on her Twitter page.

Watch the video here.

Yes, as if scorpions weren’t freaky enough already, they glow under ultraviolet light.

Nobody knows exactly why scorpions glow but one theory is it helps make them extra sensitive to light, thereby making it easier to find safe, shady spots to hide.

It’s also a pretty neat thing to show off on Twitter—but a lot of people didn’t know whether to be impressed or scared.

Others found it just plain freaky.

But it turns out there was at least one part of the world where this really wasn’t considered as news at all.

So there you have it—if you’re not a fan of scorpions, don’t go to Arizona.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.