Georgia Woman Sues County After Being Jailed For Possession Of Cotton Candy

A Georgia woman spent more than three months behind bars because police found cotton candy in her car.

Police pulled over Dasha Fincher on December 31, 2016, because they thought the windows of her vehicle were tinted beyond the allowable limit, though they were not.

Regardless, officers searched Fincher’s car extensively, until they found a bag containing a blue crystal-like substance on the floorboard of the vehicle. Despite Fincher telling them it was cotton candy, the officers used a Nark II roadside drug kit, known for giving false positives, to test the material. The test identified the substance as methamphetamine and Fincher was arrested.

Unable to pay her bond, which was set at $1 million, Fincher spent over three months in jail before a report by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation found that the material was, in fact, cotton candy.

Now Fincher is suing the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, two sheriff’s deputies, and Sirchie, the manufacturer of the test, according to a lawsuit obtained by local CBS affiliate WMAZ.

In an interview with WMAZ, Fincher said she missed major life events during the three months she was imprisoned, including her daughter’s miscarriage and the birth of two grandsons.

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