Gritty Just Crashed A Philadelphia Wedding—And It Was As Delightfully Bizarre As You’d Expect 😂

There is only one man/animal/thing that can crash a Philadelphia wedding and get cheered for it and that is the Flyer’s mascot, Gritty.

At a wedding in Philadelphia on Friday, the Great Orange One interrupted to surprise the bride and groom. Upon his arrival, the bride literally clapped. Gritty gave the newlyweds a hug before turning to the rest of the guests.

The dancing started soon after.

The Philly mascot, who’s been seen everywhere since his introduction a few months ago, was a hit at the wedding, getting everyone to dance. The googly-eyed monster was the life of the party.

The guests were beyond ecstatic to have him there.

When Gritty was introduced in September, there was some pushback to his unconventional design. However, he has since become a Philly legend and the internet’s favorite mascot. He has a beer named after him, one of the most requested Halloween costumes, and has become a symbol of anti-fascism.

And the internet is jealous of the wedding party.

While it’s unknown at this time if this is the official Gritty mascot or someone who bought a costume, the life and energy of the actor have many believing it is genuinely him. And who can argue with that?

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