Nicole Kidman Responds To ‘Aquaman’ Critics Who Question Her Age

In the upcoming DC Universe movie Aquaman, audiences will finally get the chance to dive into the personal life and history of Jason Mamoa’s Arthur Curry, the son of a human and an Atlantean queen, in his struggle to save the world from oceanic enemies. One detail of Aquaman’s story isn’t ringing true for some viewers, however: his mother, Atlanna, played by Nicole Kidman. Kidman, 51, is only 12 years older than Mamoa, causing some people to question whether she’s old enough to be playing his mother.

Though this is far from the first time an actor’s age has been flexed upwards or downwards, increased attention is being given in the modern day as audiences begin to think more about inclusion and diversity in filmmaking. Some critics of the casting choice believe Kidman is occupying a part that could have been played by an older actress.

However, this entire argument may be revealed as kind of silly in the near future. In the previews for Aquaman, Arthur’s mother (Kidman) is only present during flashbacks to his infancy, meaning the age discrepancy wouldn’t be an issue at all. In many versions of the DC comic book universe, Aquaman’s mother either dies or goes into hiding during his childhood.

Kidman even offered an in-universe explanation for her younger appearance, should she appear in later scenes of the movie: her character is Atlantean, not pure human, and thus ages “more gracefully.” Considering Atlanteans all carry the abilities to breathe underwater and (in Aquaman’s case) speak with fish, this isn’t exactly a hard pill to swallow.

Kidman fans couldn’t be bothered by the minor controversy:

Audiences will have to judge for themselves whether or not Kidman’s presence as Jason Mamoa’s mother makes sense when the movie premiers on December 21, 2018. Don’t miss it!

H/T – CinemaBlend, Comicbook