The ‘Ladies, If He’ Meme Is Proving He’s ‘Not Your Man’ In The Most Brilliant Way ????

Dating in 2018 is hard. We get it. Sometimes it feels like you’re wading through a sea of unwanted pics and unsolicited advice only to find yourself stuck with a question mark. Ambiguous relationships are on the rise and tons of us have found ourselves sitting around asking things like “what are we doing?”  “Can I say this/be hurt by this if we aren’t really a thing?” “Is this what we want?” “Is he even my man?” 

If dating in 2018 had an official GIF: 

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Wondering if someone is actually in a relationship with you is pretty terrible — but Twitter is totally here for you. A meme to help us work our way through some signs rose to popularity pretty quickly. The format was simple. It was just a list of things he might do that let you know where you stood with him. A typical meme might read something like this:

Ladies, if he: 

  • Never texts back
  • Only comes over late at night
  • Won’t go out in public with you

He’s not your man, he’s your booty call. 


Seems simple enough, right? Psh, yeah okay — Twitter never lets anything be “simple enough.” You know better. That simple little meme was picked up by all of the beautiful, brilliant, sarcastic citizens of the internet and turned into something different — something better. Sure, having a man is exciting. Sure, the realization that you’re invested in someone who isn’t invested in you can be kind of soul-crushing. Sure, you may be finding yourself creeping ever so slowly towards permanent single status — and excited about it ’cause it means you get to do whatever you want for FOREVER and never have to deal with man colds.

But look at all the hilarious memes we get out of this! 


Then conservative personality and Fox host Ben Shapiro got a hold of the meme. It’s rare that we cover the birth and death of a trend in one article, but hey this has been a banner year all around, so here we go. Ben has been known for his anti-trans rants, and just couldn’t let this opportunity go by. He took a playful meme and turned it into a “Ben Defines Men” moment.

It was weird — like when your racist uncle starts saying things like “lit, fam” and “woke.” 


And yeah, his followers absolutely told him it was awkward. 


But one person brought the whole thing around full circle in a beautiful way. 


H/T: Twitter, Indy100