The Trailer For Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Just Dropped—And The Cameos Are Everything 😍

Please give me a moment to gather my thoughts because WOW THIS VIDEO IS ALREADY AMAZING AND IT HASN’T EVEN HAPPENED YET.

It appears that Ariana Grande has decided to use her first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, “Thank U, Next,” to school us on one of the most important films in cinema history, and it is a gift from God herself.

First, she performed the song with a First Wives Club theme on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Phenomenal.

Then, a couple weeks ago, news came that the video for the song would be based in part on Legally Blonde. She even posted a picture of herself with Blonde co-star Jennifer Coolidge on Instagram, with the caption, “new best friend.” Iconic.

But none of that held a candle to what Ariana gave us Monday night.

As everyone knows, Mean Girls is the best film ever made. Your average garden variety film professor will tell you it’s Citizen Kane or whatever, but they’re wrong. It is Mean Girls, and that is an empirical fact as immutable as the daily rising and setting of the sun and this is not up for debate.

You can probably guess that when Ari dropped a trailer late Monday night based on the iconic film, people lost their minds.

Based on the Mean Girls scene where characters recount their adulation of, and sometimes abuse by, queen bee Regina George, the trailer features cameos from fellow pop star Troye Sivan, comedian Colleen Ballinger of “Miranda Sings” fame, and YouTube star Gabi DeMartino, known for transforming herself into Ariana in her videos. Jonathan Bennett, who played love interest Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, is heavily featured as well. But the true star here is Stefanie Drummond, whose character is the most important in the Mean Girls universe because she let Regina George punch her in the face.

As of this writing, the trailer has been hearted more than half a million times on Twitter and, as befits the most important piece of filmmaking of our time, you can practically hear the squeals coming from the Twitter reactions:

No word yet on when the video will actually release, but whenever it is (hopefully not October 3) we can count on it being so fetch.

H/T Entertainment Weekly, People