Drawing Of Mac Miller Looks So Hyper-Realistic That People Can’t Believe It Isn’t A Photo ????

Danielle Franks is just 20 years old but she carries with her many lifetimes worth of talent. Things exploded over the last 24 hours for English-born Franks (who goes by the nickname Moe) after she posted an illustration she drew of the late rapper Mac Miller.

People simply can not believe the drawing is not a photograph and so far her tweet has garnered over 400,000 likes.

Franks told the BBC:

“I don’t want to miss anything – I’ve had thousands of messages and tweets It’s overwhelming.”

This isn’t the first time Franks’ artwork has gone viral. She discussed her previous experience and how she came to start drawing in the first place.

It began with a period of struggling with poor mental health.

“I couldn’t go outside for six weeks. In that time, I started listening to Lil Peep. I absolutely adored him. One day, I just picked up the tablet… I was never motivated to draw, but for some reason that day, I just did. I drew him, and it took a few days and I streamed a lot of it on Twitch. A few weeks later, he retweeted it and put it on his Instagram. That kicked off my career in art and gave me momentum. He didn’t really know I existed. He didn’t know who I am and gave me my entire life.”

People are blown away by her gift.

We see a very big future for this talented artist.

H/T: BBC, Twitter Moments