Metric System User Has Complete Meltdown Over The Bizarreness Of The Imperial System Of Measurement πŸ˜‚

A Scottish video game programmer, @innesmck on Twitter, recently went on a rant about America’s measurement system and it went totally viral.

How could it not?

Anybody who has interacted with an American, or any American who has interacted with someone not from America, can completely relate to @innesmck’s frustrations. In the United States, we use the imperial system of measurement, an older system comprising feet, inches, and pounds. Most other countries in the world use the metric system.

The imperial system is also known as the British Imperial system because it originated in the British Empire and was the primary form of measurement when the U.S. gained independence from Britain. America kept the British Imperial system, while the rest of the world turned toward the metric system.

@innesmck did not know details of the imperial system until recently.

Something made him look up the American way of measuring weight, and the knowledge forever changed him.

If only he knew the weight of a stone actually used to fluctuate between 4 and 32 pounds.

One can only dream of how much easier elementary school math is outside of the U.S.

@innesmck’s frustrations were universally understood, very much unlike the word’s way of measuring things.

Thank you, @innesmck, for saying what we have all been thinking for years.

H/T: Twitter, Britannica, Interexchange