Prankster Gives Shoe Store Employee The Shock Of A Lifetime By Pretending To Steal New Sneakers

Have you ever been robbed? A JD Sports Employee was…at least, heΒ thought he was.

The employee got fooled hard by Twitter user @harvinthskin when the man suddenly ran out of the shop wearing a new pair of sneakers.

The “thief,” after running half the length of the lobby, turns around and sprints back on into the store, while the employee clutches his heart and smiles with relief, realizing he was not getting robbed that day.

The “man like Martin” has become something of an internet celebrity since @harvinthskin has been providing sporadic updates.

And the internet is rolling on the ground laughing.

People admired the employee’s dedication:

They admitted that they probably wouldn’t go quite as far.

Is this about to become the next viral challenge?

Just remember retail employees REALLY do not get paid enough to deal with all y’all’s BS.

Exercise caution if you’re going to pull a prank like this, everybody.

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed