Salvation Army Kicks Out Indiana Walmart Bell Ringers After They’re Outed As White Supremacists

Over the weekend, the Salvation Army was the center of a controversy in Indiana when a viral Facebook post revealed several white nationalists were bell ringing for the organization at a local Walmart.

In the post, which was shared over 10,000 times before being removed, three men wearing large patches that read “ARYAN” and “WAR” (an acronym for “White Aryan Resistance”) stood bellringing around the iconic red Salvation Army bucket.

A representative from the Walmart store told CBS Chicago:

“As soon as this was brought to our attention we asked the Salvation Army Bell Ringers to leave. We made the Salvation Army aware and they apologized. The Salvation Army is responsible for screening its volunteers stationed outside our stores. We’ve had a long history of supporting the Salvation Army and regret this isolated incident. We will direct further questions to the Salvation Army.”

Lt. Christopher Nicolai from The Salvation Army of Porter County spoke to the Times of Northwest Indiana, saying:

“Our commitment to nondiscrimination includes a dress code for bell ringers, requiring that they wear red Salvation Army aprons, and making it clear that no “symbol, marking or lettering that is viewed as discrimination [may be worn.] Clearly, the bell ringers in question did not comply with this dress code. They will not be allowed to volunteer in the future. We are embarrassed that we were unable to prevent this incident, and apologize to all who were offended, as were we.”

Nicolai also commented that the volunteers would not be allowed to bell ring ever again.

One woman who accompanied the white supremacists spoke out on Facebook, attempting to shift the topic from their bigotry:

“That’s the profiling bulls**t we all have to deal with all the time you’re no better than anybody else. What you all are doing is a form of bullying. And profiling.”

People didn’t have a lot of sympathy for the racists on Twitter, however:


Though this incident was an unfortunate mess for everyone involved, at least it was dealt with in a quick and decisive fashion. White supremacy is never acceptable in any context, and certainly not as a messenger for charity and love.

H/T – Rawstory, NWI