This Christmas Lights Display Set To Taylor Swift Is So Festively Extra—And We’re Obsessed ????

Christmas season is upon us, but nobody was ready for this Taylor Swift-powered light show that’s shocking the internet.

Louie Cortez, the 25-year-old who synched Swift’s “…Ready For It?” with Christmas lights deserves a trophy, because he just turned Christmas all the way up to eleven. Everyone knows the song is amazing, but somehow it’s even more powerful when set to multicolored lights, which are stunning and perfectly timed.

This epic light show should only be described in ALL CAPS.

Obviously, the house should be a backdrop for one of Swift’s future concerts. The light show is super elaborate, illuminating a series of small Christmas trees and other trees in the front yard. It also features extremely cool lights that fade in and out, making the sequence seem like a totally professional set-up.

Taylor Swift fans are obsessed with the light show. It’s clearly a masterpiece. 

One fan claims Swift liked the video despite her hiatus from social media.

Somehow, the light show turned political as conservatives continue their sour grapes over Taylor Swift.

People will LITERALLY argue about anything. GIve it a break, guys!

But most are simply in awe over the spectacular light show in Topeka, Kansas.

“…Ready For It?” isn’t exactly Christmas-themed, but could it become a new holiday classic?

What a great way to kick off Christmas season. The brilliant designer of this light show has been perfecting his craft for over 10 years, so make sure to check out his Twitter profile below and show support!

H/T: BuzzFeedLouie Cortez