Video Released Of Moment Arizona Couple’s Gender Reveal Party Sparked Massive Wildfire—And It’s A Doozy 😳

Back in October, we told you about Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey who caused over $8 million in damages after an over-the-top baby gender reveal stunt burned 47,000 acres in Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountain foothills.

Dickey pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully causing a fire without a permit. Initially, it was reported he was ordered to pay back the $8 million, but that is now being adjusted to $200,000 in restitution.

Now we can all see the moment the fire erupted. The Forest Service released a video showing the gender reveal and the immediate consequences. What could possibly go wrong?

Spoiler alert: It was a boy…and a blazing inferno.

Seriously, do not do this. No one cares about the gender of your baby enough to cause this kind of damage. Just tell people what the baby’s sex is. A verbal reveal has worked since the beginning of mankind.

See how easy and efficient that is? 

Seriously. People were not feeling much pity for Agent Dickey.

And then came the jokes. Always the jokes. 

A shout out to Donald Trump’s forest fighting plan. 

If you really need to do a big reveal, try water guns filled with dye. The parents wear white and everyone squirts them. It’s fun and no one’s life is in danger.

H/T: Mashable, The Tucson