Woman Makes Flow Chart For Men To Know If They’re Mansplaining—And It’s Brilliant ????

Kim Goodwin is a consultant and best-selling author of Designing for the Digital Age. She also served as vice president of design and general manager at Cooper, an “award-winning design and business strategy consultancy.”

Kim recently added “viral Twitter sensation” to her impressive resume after she posted a flow chart explaining “mansplaining”.

Goodwin made the chart when she got tired of male colleagues asking if their behavior could be categorized as “mansplaining.” 


The chart first asks its male readers, “Did she ask you to explain it?” If the answer is “yes,” the flow chart directs the concerned party to the answer, “Not mansplaining.”

As expected, the journey to “mansplaining” is much more complicated. Curious men can find themselves at three different degrees of mansplaining: “Probably mansplaining,” “Definitely mansplaining,” and “Just stop talking now.” These various levels are appropriately colored in yellow, orange, and red, respectively. Just two scenarios lead readers to the coveted answer of “not mansplaining,” which is colored in a friendly green.

The chart, which was originally posted this summer, has acquired nearly 124,000 likes and more than 50,000 retweets.

Several viewers recalled personal experiences where the chart would have come in handy.

Most viewers were amazed by Goodwin’s simple explanation, as well as her eagerness to sincerely illustrate the issue.

Thank you, Ms. Goodwin, for explaining what so many could not seem to grasp.

H/T: Bored Panda, Twitter, Cooper