Researchers Use High-Tech Dress To Show Just How Often Women Are Groped At Clubs

The beverage company Schweppes teamed up with advertising agency Ogilvy recently to devise a campaign to send a message about sexual harassment in nightclubs.

The project is called The Dress for Respect. To prove a point in light of the #MeToo movement that women aren’t exaggerating about sexual assault and sexual harassment,  researchers built a heat sensory dress for women to wear to a nightclub. The information collected would then show on a computer screen how many times the woman wearing the dress was groped, grabbed and touched.

After the data was collected the video and images were shown to men who appeared totally shocked by what they witnessed. Women, on the other hand, don’t seem shocked at all. They’ve been talking about it for years.

Maybe now people will listen and believe them.

People have some strong feelings about this campaign.

And then there were the excuses.

But this guy was not having the doubters. At all.


Hopefully this campaign has moved us closer to a time when women will no longer have to prove themselves when they report harassment.

H/T: Vox, Newsweek, Quartzy