The 2019 Oscars Still Don’t Have A Host, So Twitter Came Through With Some Hilariously Legit Options

2019 gets closer every day. Quarter one, as we all know, brings us awards season. Normally, by now, we’ve chosen a host for most major awards shows. But we have not yet chosen one for the Oscars.

Fulfilling its duty, Twitter has been coming up with some strong choices for Academy Awards hosts.

Including a face we all miss too much:

And a repeat host:

Perhaps the strangest duo since Gilgamesh and Enkidu:

Maybe a dumb and dumber liar, liar?

And, of course, a Marvel hero:

And then we have the anti-fascist Philadelphia Flyers mascot:

Two major animal news items:


Love is an open door:

A repeat from a different awards show:

A fave who we haven’t seen in a while:

And, of course, the most dynamic duo to have ever duo-ed:

Aside from these kissing boys:

Who do you think should host the Oscars in 2019?

H/T: Twitter, Gold Derby