Pregnant Woman Gets Hefty Jail Sentence For Opening A Can Of Pringles Before Paying For Them ????

A pregnant newlywed has spent the last two months in jail after opening a can of Pringles in a supermarket before she paid for them.

Kathleen McDonagh of Ireland was in a Tesco, where she picked up and opened a can of Pringles. She was on her way to the counter to pay for the snack when she was spotted by a Tesco worker and asked to leave. McDonagh was previously banned from Tesco for previous offenses, and the worker who spotted her knew she was not supposed to be in the store.

When she was asked to leave, McDonagh popped off the lid, peeled back the foil, and said:

“I opened it so you have to let me pay for it.”

Apparently, McDonagh’s previous offenses at Tesco include 14 convictions of theft and two for criminal damage. She has since been charged with another account of criminal damage. Due to her previous charges and the fact that the suspended sentences did not seem to do McDonagh any good, the judge sentenced her to four months.

Many people feel McDonagh’s punishment is ridiculous, considering that her offense was so minor.

But many people agree with the judge and feel jail time was appropriate.

Others found some humor in the situation.

The judge did suspend the last two months of McDonagh’s sentence.

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