The Hottest Holiday Gift This Year Is A ‘Big Mouth Billy Bass” With An Alexa Inside 😂

If you’re looking for a gift for the Amazon Echo owner in your life – we’ve got you covered.

When the Big Mouth Billy Bass first hit the scene it was a hilarious singing novelty fish and that was that. There had been singing novelty items before and have been tons of them since – but something about Billy just captured the world’s collective fish-loving heart. Sure, watching the bass sing vaguely fishing related songs was hilarious, but that wasn’t enough for we citizens of internet. Soon people were putting out tutorials on ways to “hack” the bass so you could make him sing practically anything.

Now that Amazon Echo is a thing, they knew what must be done. The Alexa-Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass just hit the scene in a big way. The fish we all know and love has already been rigged by a designer to respond to Alexa – but now it’s official. The device will only work if you have an Amazon-made echo devices but honestly that’s a small caviat when you consider what you’re getting in return. The fish will sing and dance along with your jams, it’ll answer your questions, tell you the score on your favorite game, let you know the weather, etc. It’s all the fun of Alexa but from a fake fresh water fish – which obviously makes it WAY better.

The fishtastic fun will run you about $40 on pre-order.

And yes – Twitter is JAZZED. Kind of. Also terrified. We don’t know if “jazzified” is an emotion but that’s pretty much where people are at with this. 


Happy holidays everyone! May you all get every fish-wish you ever dared to dream.

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