Guy Gets Note From Admirers With Two Phone Numbers On It—And We’re Cheering ❤️

Everyone deserves a good solid ego boost from time to time.

When wanted, an admiring gaze is one of those things that just makes you feel good about yourself.

Having a sexy stranger pass you a note with their number on it leaves people walking with a little extra strut, ya know?

Someone just told this penguin they were cute.

Guarantee it. 

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Twitter user Cody just got quite possibly the best ego boost EVER.

He was just hanging around minding his own business when someone passed him a note. The note was your typical “hey my friend thinks you’re cute” note—but with one serious plot twist.

The people who handed him the note both thought he was pretty cute and they didn’t know what his sexual orientation was. So they saved some trees and used the same paper to both take their shots.

Environmentally friendly flirtation?

We’re all about it!

Here’s Cody’s original post.

People reacted pretty positively.

As far as they were concerned, posts like this are the whole reason for even HAVING Twitter. 

Cody’s sexuality was also suddenly Twitter’s favorite thing to talk about.

Which could be a little bit awkward since he hadn’t disclosed it in his original post.

Although some people seem to have confused bisexual with polyamorous.

But don’t worry. Cody had no problem updating the people.

He understood how invested people were as the tweet started blowing up. Someone even stole it and posted it on Reddit, that’s how much traction it got.

(Don’t worry about that, either. Cody made sure to call the thief out and post it himself with receipts and time stamps, etc.)

Now back to that update.

It took him a bit to make any moves at all, but eventually Cody did text the bottom number and set up a date. The pair will be going to the movies together some time soon.

By soon, we mean by the time you read this they’ll probably be on their date.

And Sunday night Twitter got their update!

Ahh, love in 2018.

H/T: Twitter