NYPD Reunites Couple With Engagement Ring After Proposal Turns Into Nightmare

A man is being searched for by the NYPD.

His crime?

Dropping an engagement ring in a city grate.

Friday night, surveillance footage shows the would-be groom proposing to his partner.

She says yes!

But in the excitement, he drops the ring down a grate.

Watch the footage here.

The newly betrothed tried to have a local officer help, but he was unable to retrieve the lost ring. The couple left without giving their names.

However, the department has been able to get the ring back. They even had it cleaned for the couple.

They put out a call on Twitter to try and find them again.

The story is ongoing, and people are hoping they can find the couple.

Will the groom be in trouble for losing the ring?

And the situation unfortunately leads to some “grate” puns.

The ring was lost Friday night and recovered Saturday.

And on Sunday evening, the NYPD found their man!

Congratulations John and Daniella!

Great work NYPD!

Or is it grate work?

H/T: Twitter, Huffington Post