You May Not Want To Use The Touch Screens At McDonald’s After Reading This

Anyone who has frequented a McDonald’s lately will have noticed the company’s most recent attempt at staying current with their technology (while simultaneously cutting jobs).

The fast food company has opted to place touchscreen check-outs in their restaurants.

The screens allow impatient customers to order their food directly without having to interact with a fellow human being.

While the screens are ideal for those customers who are ordering an embarrassing amount of food (we’ve all been there, no judgement), a recent discovery has people thinking twice about going with the technologically savvy route.

A study was recently conducted by microbiologists at London Metropolitan University and Metro UK.

Researchers found that, when taking samples from 8 different McDonald’s in the UK, every single touchscreen contained samples of human feces.

Yep, those touchscreens are literally shitty.


Dr Paul Matewele, a senior lecturer in microbiology at London Metropolitan University, reflected on their discovery.

“We were all surprised how much gut and fecal bacteria there was on the touchscreen machines. These cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals.”

He continued to explain how their findings should impact people’s day-to-day choices.

“Touchscreen technology is being used more and more in our daily lives but these results show people should not eat food straight after touching them, they are unhygienic and can spread disease. These bacteria can be on touchscreen machines for days on end.”

Many people are revolted.

However, others feel as though the touchscreens are not alone.

Will these findings encourage McDonald’s to take their focus off of technology and back onto human labor?

H/T: Vice, Metro