Woman’s Head Blows Up Like A ‘Lightbulb’ After Severe Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye ????

One of our worst nightmares is having our head blow up thanks to an allergic reaction to a new hair dye. Sound crazy? Well, it’s happened before, at least once.

Estelle, a 19-year-old university student from France, says she just wanted to dye her hair brown when the hair dye she’d purchased caused her head to swell up to unusual proportions.

The circumference of her head had swollen up from 22 to 24 inches.  “I had a light-bulb head,” she said, recounting the incident.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors learned she’d had an allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a compound found in almost all hair dye (90%).  They gave her a shot of adrenaline and kept her overnight for observation.

“My biggest message is to tell people to be more vigilant with products like this, because the consequences could be fatal,” said Estelle.  “And I want the companies who sell these products to make their warning more clear and more visible.”

After posting the images to Facebook to share her story, Estelle thankfully says she is okay.

“I pretty much laugh at myself because of the incredible shape of my head.”

Estelle isn’t the first person, even this year, to experience this extreme reaction to PPD.

A Swedish student named Stina Jörnvik documented her classmate’s reaction to a similar product on Twitter.

Isabelle Rogers had an allergic reaction to her hair dye and spent her 21st birthday in the hospital.

And this woman had such a bad reaction in 2016 to Henna hair dye that it rendered her unrecognizable.

It’s more common than people think:

Allergic reactions to hair dye can cause anything between contact dermatitis and anaphylactic shock.  Any allergic reaction should be immediately addressed by “immediately washing and gently rinsing the affected area multiple times using mild soap and clean water.” (MedicalNewsToday)

Read the fine print on your products, y’all!

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