Mariah Carey Fans Created A Hashtag That Is Very Problematic In The U.K. ????

Mariah Carey always dominates the holiday season thanks to her unforgettable single All I Want for Christmas Is You, but right now she’s drawing unwanted attention for a regrettable hashtag that appears to support a notorious British pedophile.

Diehard fans of “Mimi” started the hashtag #JusticeForGlitter to raise awareness of the apparently underrated soundtrack to Carey’s 2001 box-office flop, Glitter. 

While the viral campaign was successful, the hashtag hasn’t played well overseas in the UK. Why? Because it seems to wrongly imply that Garry Glitter, a reviled pop star turned sex criminal, is innocent of his ghastly crimes.

Those unfamiliar with Mariah Carey’s discography were shocked by #JusticeForGlitter.

At first glance, #JusticeForGlitter appears to follow the trend of creating a hashtag for someone who’s experienced injustice at the hands of police brutality or a wrongful conviction.

Yet British Twitter users were taken aback by the apparent notion that Gary Glitter somehow deserves anything but the 15-year prison sentence he’s currently serving.

People are ridiculing the hashtag that unwittingly appears to support a sex criminal.

Some Mariah Carey fans are upset the hashtag’s intended meaning has been twisted.

British people can’t help but feel conflicted when seeing the awkward hashtag.

But some Mariah Carey fans continue to use the hashtag to promote her underrated movie soundtrack. 

Mariah Carey’s adoring fanbase helped push the almost 20-year-old album into the iTunes Music charts Top 10. But was it worth the international mockery?

Glitter’s disco-themed soundtrack totally rules, but perhaps fans should spam a hashtag that doesn’t have such a painfully awkward double meaning.

H/T: Indy100, Metro