Someone Pointed Out Just How Christmasy The Decor Is In ‘Home Alone’—And Now It’s All We Can See 😱

We’ve always sort of known that Home Alone was a Christmas movie. The McCallisters take a holiday vacation, leaving their house (and one child!) vulnerable to opportunistic Christmas burglars. It’s not exactly what we’d call a Christmas classic, but the holiday vibe is there.

Claire Reilly recently pointed out on Twitter that the home’s Christmas decor was more than a little extra.

And the more we look, the more we wonder…does the house look like this year-round?

It’s almost as if the McCallisters set up poor Kevin to stay home and get into mischief with creepy Christmas bandits.

Well, this is going to affect every re-watch of this movie.

Remember when we were kids and none of these glaring plot holes mattered and we could just enjoy the movie as it was?

Honestly, it’s like robbing us of our childhood all over again.

You know those houses that are over-decorated on the outside, with so many lights that it’s basically daytime in their front yard? The McCallisters’ house is like that, but inside.

We really just want to go back to being 10 and watching this movie, without any of the horrible adult observations we’ve now made.


H/T: Twitter, Time