Chris Evans Just Shared Some Cute Selfies With His Dog—And Each One Is Somehow More Adorable Than The Last ????

The news has been a pretty big bummer lately. We get that. We can probably all agree the world needs a little more light and awesome and a whole lot less “oh lord we’re all gonna die.” Right? No stress, Captain America has you covered.

Chris Evans recently tweeted a series of pictures of himself hanging out with his dog, Dodger.

It started with one selfie where he talked about accidentally stealing the pup’s color scheme while he was on set. 

That’s adorable enough to warrant a whole article in and of itself. It’s perfectly composed with Evans and Dodger seated perfectly mid-frame. Chris is smiling and Dodger seems perfectly content. The brown and cream color combo is poppin’. Overall, this is a great picture. But wait — there’s MORE. That first image was adorable but it didn’t really tell the whole story. See, Dodger looks totally composed and in control in that picture. The reality of the situation is that Dodger is as much of a rabid (not literally) Chris Evans fan as the rest of us are.

Peep the evidence: 

Dodger the dog made it through one frame before leaning in to smooch Chris and then flopping into his lap. Twitter totally gets it, Dodger.

The love story between a man and his dog is the kind of quality content we can’t get enough of. 

Since Evans made a comment about Dodger not being able to hold a pose for very long, other dog owners shared their attempted selfies in solidarity.

The whole thing turned into a parade of puppy pics. 

So there you go. Chris Evans may be saying goodbye to playing Captain America but he’s clearly still here to save the day. This time with dog selfies. Thanks, Chris!


H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter