The Noticeable Difference Between Beyoncé And Ed Sheeran’s Outfits During Global Citizen Festival Sparks Double-Standard Debate

Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé appeared onstage together at the Global Citizen Festival on December 3, 2018. Their performance was a tribute to Nelson Mandela, and, not surprisingly, viewers loved it.

Still, observers noticed quite a difference in the outfits the two were wearing.

Let’s start with the photograph that sparked the conversation:

Sheeran is rocking a solid 2004 double sleeve look with jeans, while Beyoncé is wearing a dress that would put the Queen of France to shame.

Why was Sheeran allowed to dress like he was spending a casual day at home, while Beyoncé literally looked like space royalty?

Naturally, this sparked some debate. What exactly might be the underlying cause?  Is it simply a difference in their branding?

But then some ugliness showed up in people criticizing Beyoncé’s outfit:

Notice how the only people who had a problem with Beyoncé’s outfit appear to be white men. Hmm.

But the photo clearly illustrates the double standard of how we expect men and women to behave at the top of their game.

But where does it really come from?

There is merit to the “these are the different styles they have cultivated” argument, but that misses the point, according to @garlicmeg:

The conversation needs to happen and should continue. Still, the number of men intent on shutting it down in the comments is staggering. Click if you dare.

H/T: Twitter, Billboard