Trump Called Himself ‘Tariff Man’—And Twitter Made Him Into The Superhero We Never Asked For ????

Not much that Donald Trump says slips past the scrutiny of online critics, so when he described himself as a “Tariff Man” it was only a matter of time before the memes followed.

The American president was making the point he would happily revert to tariffs if no trade deal could be reached with China.

But by capitalizing the phrase Tariff Man, he put many Twitter users in mind of some sort of underpowered superhero or film character.

And the jokes started.

Others spotted some classic song references in there.

Others took the opportunity to revisit meme glories of days gone by.

And of course to some, it was only fitting that Trump should have his own nickname.

The President having dished out one or two alternate monikers to other people like Kim Jong Un, leading to this roasting by the official North Korean news network.

Tariff Man—coming to a screen, or possibly a trade negotiation, near you.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.