Twitter Accuses Tomi Lahren Of Taking A Page Out Of Hitler’s Playbook After Her Latest Claims About The Migrant Caravan

Fox News host Tomi Lahren has launched yet another scathing attack against undocumented immigrants on her nightly show, calling them diseased and dangerous.

Lahren’s paranoid rhetoric has drawn unflattering comparisons on Twitter to Adolph Hitler. During his reign of terror, Hitler slandered Germany’s Jewish population as diseased and used that stigma to set up ghettos and, later, deadly concentration camps.

People were reminded of Hitler’s anti-Jewish propaganda after viewing the nasty clip, below.

The controversial host’s latest attempt at fearmongering came as she fretted about the “caravan of diseases,” apparently trying to frighten Americans into believing that migrant groups will make them sick. Lahren cited questionable statistics about the rates of illnesses like AIDS within refugee groups currently seeking asylum in the United States.

She then spread a foreboding message, mocking those who support refugees for their “warm and fuzzy spirit of compassion [that] doesn’t treat or prevent diseases” like “chickenpox and hepatitis.”

The backlash on Twitter was brutal.

Many took offense to Lahren’s remarks, calling them evil and racist.

Comparisons to Hitler’s rhetoric in Nazi Germany are still being tweeted at Lahren.

Lahren recently visited the southern U.S. border, leading to a Twitter clash with Alyssa Milano.

Milano, an outspoken critic of right-wing figures like Lahren, refused to play games.

 Lahren responded to the whirlwind of criticism in typical fashion.

What’s happening at the southern border is a full-blown humanitarian crisis, but right-wing pundits like Tomi Lahren continue to dehumanize migrant groups seeking asylum.

Terms like “diseased” and “dangerous” serve a dark purpose in demeaning and degrading migrants as lesser beings. While conservatives groan at comparisons to Adolf Hitler, it’s hard to deny that Lahren’s rhetoric is eerily similar.

H/T: Indy100, Salon