Denver-Area Man Who Claims Teen Hired Him On Craigslist To Kill Her Learns His Fate

In December 2017, 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger was found shot dead on an Adams County dairy farm in Denver, Colorado. Her killer, 23-year-old Joseph Lopez, bizarrely claimed that Natalie had hired him to kill her — via Craigslist.

The Bollinger family was emotional during Lopez’s recent sentencing hearing, where they learned Natalie’s killer will receive 48 years in prison. Questions remain about his disturbing connection with Natalie and why she would arrange her own death with a stranger.

Despite his considerable sentence, some are frustrated that Lopez didn’t receive life in prison.

People were outraged to hear about the senseless killing.

Some are blaming Craiglist for allowing Natalie to “put out a hit” on herself.

Most agree that Lopez was beyond twisted to follow through on Natalie’s request.

Craigslist has a well-known reputation for sketchy deals, but this story defies belief.

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H/T: HuffPost, ABC Denver