Laura Ingraham Just Compared Students Protesting Confederate Monuments To ISIS—And We Can’t ????

The University of North Carolina has removed a Confederate statue. Many schools and public places have been doing that lately as tributes to Confederate figures have fallen out of favor. UNC would have been another in a long list of places removing racist monuments if it wasn’t for an obscure North Carolina law. The 2015 ruling prevents the statue from being removed completely, so the school has to figure out what to do with Silent Sam. Carol Folt, the chancellor of UNC, agrees that the statue of a Confederate soldier should no longer stand in its original spot. Protesters pulled it down in August, so that part of the problem is out of the way. Folt would like to see the statue gone, but this law has prevented that. So…now what?

The university’s proposed solution is to build a structure to house it — to the tune of five million dollars. Folt says she would like to see the statue put in context with the history of the area, but many people see the entire thing as ridiculous. Spending $5 million dollars to build what many see as a “shrine” for the statue seems ridiculous to a lot of people. Protests have started popping up as more people find out about the plan. Some say the school is abandoning its responsibility to students of color by fighting so hard to keep the Confederate statue safe. Others believe the school’s hands are tied by this 2015 law and, if they want to get anywhere with this issue, they need to focus on it from a legal standpoint.

And then there’s conservative personality Laura Ingraham.

According to Ingraham, people protesting the new building and the “saving” of Silent Sam are just like ISIS. 

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Ingraham criticized the students by calling them “enemies of history” and comparing their desire to see confederate monuments removed with ISIS.

Ingraham said:

“Think about ISIS, what they did. They pillaged and they wiped away irreplaceable, historical, and religious monuments. From Palmyra, remember in Syria, simply because they could. It was offensive to them.”

No, these students aren’t trying to take over the region. They’re not murdering innocent people of other religions. They’re not bombing anything, attempting to displace thousands, causing a refugee crisis, or committing any sort of cultural “cleansings.” But Laura believes they’re just like ISIS all the same.

Twitter isn’t sure Laura knows what ISIS actually is. People’s reactions to her comments were pretty severe. 

You can watch the segment here: 



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