Mom Who Spent Over $2,000 On A ‘Designer Vagina’ Says She Feels 15 Years Younger

Inspired by model Danielle Lloyd’s confession to having a “designer vagina” for incontinence, a 56-year-old Essex, England mom spent £1,900 ($2,430) on the intimate treatment—boosting her sex life and making her feel “15 years younger.”

A regular user of anti-aging procedures, Abby Short had the tightening treatment after years of incontinence forced her to carry spare undergarments everywhere—saying she looks after her face, “so why not take care of the rest” of her body.

Now, following three lunchtime procedures lasting just five minutes each, the Billericay events planner says she feels like she is back in her 40s, when she and her company director husband, John, 62, make love, adding:

“I feel younger, like I’m back in my heyday.”

Abby (Collect/PA Real Life)

Before the  Femilift vaginal rejuvenation treatment—which gently heats the vaginal tissue contracting existing fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen—Abby suffered with embarrassing leaking everywhere from the office to during exercise classes.

Already spending £2,000 ($2,558) a year on Botox, non-surgical facelifts and teeth-whitening, when she heard Danielle Lloyd confessing on TV to having vaginal tightening treatment to combat her own incontinence issues, it seemed like the logical next step for her, too.

Abby’s  incontinence issues began after the birth of her son Josh, now 15, making her desperate to solve the embarrassing problem.

Abby (Collect/PA Real Life)

She recalled:

“If I sneezed, coughed a little too energetically or did any kind of real physical exercise it would mean an embarrassing leak.”

“It wasn’t all the time, but would come on randomly and would be really embarrassing as a result.”

“It all started after the birth of my youngest son Josh and got worse from there. I had the treatment after listening to Danielle Lloyd talking about having vaginal tightening, as her incontinence issues sounded just like mine.”

She added:

“I’d be in the office, having a laugh and a bit of wee would come out. Not only was it embarrassing, but it wasn’t very hygienic either.”

Before taking the plunge, Abby researched the treatment, discovering that the procedure involved using a pixel Co2 laser, to improve blood flow, increase lubrication and restore the strength and elasticity of the vaginal wall.

Confident it was the right solution for her, she contacted Courthouse Clinics, the company where she already went for Botox, having the first of three sessions in London on June 29 this year—noticing a difference straight away.

Abby (Collect/PA Real Life)

Abby, also mum to Daniel, 24, explained:

“You have to position yourself at the edge of the couch and spread your legs for the laser to be inserted, a bit like having a pap smear test, only warmer.”

“My doctor explained that I wouldn’t feel results immediately, but I actually did, I didn’t feel the pressure to go to the loo as often and when I did run up and down the beach on my holiday straight after, the effects weren’t nearly as bad.”

“It doesn’t make it look any different, but it is more about the inside and improving the function, which it has done.”

Abby with husband John (Collect/PA Real Life)

Having another session at the London clinic before her third treatment in October, Abby also discovered it had another unexpected benefit, when she and her husband made love.

She continued:

“It’s given me a real confidence boost and makes me feel so much younger, knocking 15 years off how I feel in the bedroom.”

“I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.