Monterey Bay Aquarium Just Called Out Apple For A Big Anatomical Inaccuracy In Their Squid Emoji 🦑

Oh, Apple. First, it was the bagel and now it’s the squid. Getting a teeny tiny cartoon emoji right is a tough business, and you simply can not please everyone.

It seems the folks over at the Monterey Bay Aquarium have a bone to pick with Apple over their recent portrayal of a squid in their newest emoji. The problem seems to be the siphon. (Like we know what that is.)

We’ll let the experts explain it. 

The aquarium just got some new fans.

A bunch of well-rounded fishy people chimed in.

Okay, that’s it. That’s all the cephalopod humor we can handle in one day. We feel positively squidish.

H/T: MashableBusiness Insider