Stephen King’s Latest Viral Tweet About The ‘IT’ Sequel Has Fans Very Excited ????

Stephen King teased the horrifying sequel to the 2017 adaption of his 1986 novel It on Twitter.

While details about the sequel remain scarce, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is scheduled to revisit our nightmares September 2019.

Fans of King and It are totally pumped about the announcement. The master of horror and suspense didn’t provide much substance in his tweet, but many are speculating that a trailer is likely to drop soon.

After the huge success of the first film, the sequel is bound to be freaky.

It: Chapter Two has horror fans on the edge of their seats…waiting for a trailer.

Casting decisions indicate that It: Chapter Two will feature adult versions of the characters from the first film.

Just like the book, the sequel promises to dive deep into how traumatized “The Losers’ Club” was by their childhood battle with Pennywise. We’re guessing the killer clown won’t play nice now that they’re all grown-up.

Fans reacted to King’s promising tweet about It: Chapter Two.

People are speculating—and joking—about the upcoming sequel.

Fans are posting brilliant works of art and memes honoring the film series.

Pennywise remains a popular—yet deeply feared—monster on social media.

Pennywise won’t return until late 2019, but don’t let your guard down!

He’ll be waiting in the shadows and peering out of every rain gutter leading up to the premiere of It: Chapter Two. 


H/T:, Mashable