There’s A ‘Toy Story’-Themed Hotel Coming To Tokyo Disney—And It Sounds Incredible ❤️

There are few seminal children’s movies quite like Toy Story, which is probably why Disney has been using the property so heavily.

From Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World, a Toy Story world in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, and the third sequel, Toy Story 4, already in production, the Disney/Pixar franchise is everywhere.

And soon it will also be in Disney Tokyo as a new hotel!

While it doesn’t have an official name yet, the theme of the Toy Story hotel will reportedly be similar to Toy Story Land in Disney World. Andy has built a backyard house for all his toys, but when his mom calls him away, the toys come to life. They re-brand the house as a hotel and open it to all the “honorary” toys.

People are very excited about this!

The hotel isn’t expected to open until 2021, so details are sparse. However, we do know there’s expected to be 600 rooms, designed like Andy’s room. The hotel will look like it’s made of toys. And there will, of course, be shopping and dining options, influenced by the movies.

But is it just a plot by Stinky Pete?

Disney has described the hotel as “family friendly” which often means it will be less expensive than their more luxurious offerings. This works perfectly for families with young children.

People are starting to put together a few ideas.

The new hotel should be ready to take guests sometime between April 2021 and March 2022.

H/T: Bustle, Disney Parks Blog