Will Smith Reveals The ‘Midlife Crisis’ Moment That Caused Him To Have An Emotional Breakdown

Actor and rapper Will Smith, who will be starring in Disney’s upcoming live action Aladdin, opened up to Haute Living about the not too distant past when he had a midlife crisis that led to an unhappy family and an emotional meltdown for the star.

It seems Smith thought he was in control of his family, but his wife and children had different ideas. In particular, his daughter Willow, who had just released her song “Whip My Hair,” decided she didn’t want to go in the direction her father was taking her.

In an act of rebellion, so that she wouldn’t have to “whip her hair” anymore, she shaved her head.

Smith discussed that time in the family’s life saying:

“I think a couple of things happened―one of the major things that happened is that I hit that midlife-crisis point, where I’ve built all of the things I’ve ever dreamed of. And in my family―2012 I secretly call the year of the mutiny.”

“And 2012 was really the year that my family rejected the direction of my leadership. And that was the main thing that happened.”

“Willow was really the first person during ‘Whip My Hair’ that decided she didn’t want to do what I said. Because she was the baby girl, she really had the most power over me.”

“As a man―if your daughter says no, there’s really nothing you can do. She really tested me. She was like, no she didn’t want to.”

“She was done with ‘Whip My Hair’. She was done with performing, and as a protest, she shaved her head bald. That was really the first time that I realized that my family wasn’t happy with the direction that I was taking them.”

“I felt like I was winning. We were succeeding.  I had done all this conquering, but no one around me was happy.”

“So, I shut it down, and in that time I discovered so much new wisdom, so many new ideas. I traveled, and I met people, I studied.”

“I probably read 50 books in the last four years. The most reading I’ve done in my life.”

Now, Smith says he is coming back into the public by putting his toe in the water and part of that process is taking on social media.

He says:

“I got wildly inspired about how I would deliver the lessons that I had learned to the world in this new media, and social media became that outlet for me.”

Smith has definitely jumped right in, live streaming his 50th birthday bungee jump and going on a “date with a creepy robot.”

The actor has wasted no time spreading his message on his Instagram. He has his posts separated into categories: Self Love, Discipline, Happiness, Fault and Failure.

Will Smith Instagram account (Instagram)

The actor and rapper shares videos on his Instagram with his thoughts on a wide variety of topics, like love…



…and family.

People are really responding to what Smith is sharing.

Will Smith
Will Smith Instagram account (Instagram)


Will Smith
Will Smith Instagram account (Instagram)


Especially a recent throwback to the star’s past with Alfonso Ribeiro on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Will Smith Instagram account (Instagram)


Will Smith Instagram account (Instagram)


Life seems to be looking pretty good.

H/T: Huffington Post, Haute Living