Ariana Grande Just Responded To James Corden’s Jeff Goldblum-Inspired ‘Thank U, Jeff’

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” music video is a tongue-in-cheek ode to rom-coms from the 2000s.

Now it’s become forever inducted into the annals of pop cultural phenomena, thanks to James Corden and Jeff Goldblum.

Grande’s latest video which cleverly waxes nostalgia by parodying movies like Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going On 30 and Legally Blonde became a parody itself, in a December 5th segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Watch the tribute here.

The clip starts with the affable host greeting his guest, Goldblum, in the green room at the studios. Corden simply thanks him for being there.

“No, seriously, Jeff. I mean it,” he says. “Thank you, Jeff.”

And hilarity ensues.

An R&B-inspired tune starts to play and Corden exalts the Jurassic Park star with endless adulation from inside a bedroom adorned with furnishings of a teenage girl’s dream while poring through the pages of a Jeff Goldblum Burn Book.

“First saw him in The Fly, where his face was grotesque. Then he won independence from an alien mess,” he croons, referring to the 66-year-old actor’s turn in Independence Day.

He continues, while in his silky pajamas, “In Thor: Ragnarok, his performance was classic. But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in Jurassic?”

People are understanding the love Jeff Goldblum continues to give them.

Fans gave props to the host for an epic video.

One fan wondered about what the pop singer thought.

And it looked like she took notice and is also a fan.

Now if only she could get her hands on that Burn Book for realz.

C’mon James Corden. It’s not that Grande of a favor.

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