Charlie Cox Shares With Fans How The Surprise Cancellation Of ‘Daredevil’ Has Impacted Him

Netflix recently canceled Marvel’s Daredevil, breaking the hearts of fans worldwide and also stunning those involved with the show’s production.

Charlie Cox, who played blind lawyer Matt Murdock and the costumed “Man Without Fear,” has spoken out about Daredevil’s surprise cancellation to Entertainment Weekly. Cox described feeling “very saddened” after learning the news, especially as he’s grown comfortable in the role over the last four years.

Daredevil fans and the show’s entire production team are pretty miserable. 

Details about why Daredevil was canceled remain scarce, but rumors persist about a creative split between Netflix and Disney.

According to reports, Disney plans on launching their own streaming service that will offer original Marvel content, positioning them as a competitor to Netflix rather than a partner.

Cox doesn’t seem optimistic that he’ll ever return to his “dream job” on Daredevil. 

Fans of the classic Marvel character and Netflix series are frustrated with the surprise cancellation.

Many fans are turning against Netflix and Disney for canceling their favorite show.  

People are SERIOUSLY mad.

Erik Oleson, the creator of Netflix’s Daredevil, also shared his candid thoughts about the cancelation. 

The people have spoken. Charlie Cox put forward an incredible performance as Daredevil and totally deserves to suit up as the legendary character again. Make it happen, Disney!

H/T: Entertainment Weekly, Collider