An Old Trump Tweet Criticizing Obama’s ‘Chief Of Staffs’ Turnover Rate Has Not Aged Well At All

The long Twitter timeline of President Donald Trump is a gold mine of statements the President has made that seem to only exist to come back and bite him.

Most recently, one popped up that is perfect for his recent announcement of John Kelly stepping down as his Chief of Staff.

In January of 2012, Trump criticized President Barack Obama for…

Yes, Trump criticized his predecessor for how quickly he seemed to go through his Chiefs of Staff. Except, Trump has now beaten this record by having to announce his third Chief of Staff in two years.

As the favorite saying goes: there is always a tweet.

The Chief of Staff acts as a direct assistant to the President, overseeing the White House staff and managing the President’s schedule. The turnover rate can vary from President to President, with some appointing a new Chief every year, and others keeping the same person on for an entire term.

And the plural is ‘Chiefs of Staff’ for those wondering.

Trump’s old tweet echoes the ever changing nature of his own staff.

His administration has set records for the percentage of turnovers. As of July of this year, 61% of his senior-aides were gone from the same time in the previous year. That does not even include staff whose tenure was so short they came and went after June 2017 and before July 2018.

It’s not a good look.

Trump’s consistent hypocrisy recorded in his Twitter timeline is a running gag in American politics. There’s multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to cataloguing his split nature from “Always a Tweet” to “President Flip Flops”.

H/T: Huffington Post, Bustle