Group Of Alpacas Is Absolutely Fascinated By Hedgehog In Viral Video—And It’s Cuteness Overload ????

Life can be very confusing – and it seems that’s doubly true if you happen to be an alpaca.

Take a look at this little bunch of alpacas who recently stumbled across a hedgehog seemingly for the first time.

The herd is absolutely fascinated by the prickly little critter in the video.

One even gets a little too close and apparently gets a spike to the nose for its troubles.

The video was initially posted by Schocklblick Alpacas—a farm that offers alpaca treks near Graz in Austria—back in October, but has been going viral over the past couple of days after being shared by popular hedgehog-based account Princess Pricklepants.

Quite possibly the cutest video you’ll see today.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.