Kathy Griffin Reveals The Very Serious Charge She Faced Over Her Bloody Trump Head Photo Fiasco

Over a year after a photo of comedian Kathy Griffin brandishing an effigy of President Donald Trump’s severed head broke the internet and nearly ruined her career, Griffin took to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to reveal new details of the fallout after the photo went viral.

While Griffin’s subsequent firing from her longtime gig covering New Year’s Eve on CNN was highly publicized—as well as outcry from the First Lady and the President himself—Griffin newly revealed that she faced a federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States.

Griffin said:

“So I’ve been digging myself out of this rabbit hole for the last year and a half and the next day I got a call from one of my attorneys that the Department of Justice—and a lot of people don’t know this part—actually two federal agencies, the Secret Service and the…assistant U.S. Attorney’s office, were putting me under a two month federal investigation and considering charging me with the crime—this is real—of conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States.”

Hear the audible gasps from the audience in the full interview below:

Griffin noted that she likely wouldn’t pose for the same picture now, but feels that the federal government using taxpayer money for an investigation into an assassination attempt is retaliatory and overreaching.

Since the incident, Griffin has toured across Europe and is rebuilding her career in the United States. She also revoked her initial apology to Donald Trump and his family.

Even almost two years later, the debacle still has the internet divided.

Some believe Griffin was just joking, while the President’s hateful rhetoric has real consequences.

Nevertheless, some still feel the outrage matched the offense.

As her resurgence has proven, it will take a lot more than posing with a ketchup-covered mask to take this comedian down.

H/T: HuffPost, AV Club