Woman Cancels Baby Shower In Blistering Rant After Finding Out Friends And Family Don’t Support Her Unusual Name Choice ????

Folks are pretty bold with unusual baby names these days, but one mom-to-be wasn’t prepared for the internet’s brutal backlash against “Squire Sebastian Senator.”

The unborn child’s mother vented on Facebook after her baby’s name was ridiculed by friends and family. While canceling the event, she roasted her entire family for their “judgemental” behavior, defiantly claiming that her son’s name will spark a “revolution.”

Let’s break down her epic Facebook rant defending Squire Sebastian Senator.

“No, I was not drunk when I named my child,” the anonymous mom-to-be wrote. 

She goes on to insist the mouthful of a name conveys “success, power and wealth.”

Her creative name idea will apparently “push people to question everything.” 

Not all creative baby names are bad, but Squire Sebastian Senator is certainly bizarre.

Imagine introducing yourself that way over an entire lifetime. It’s a lot. Despite the mother’s attempts to justify her name choice, it ended up seeming more like a self-indulgent move than a legitimate name.

Social media joined in to explain a few things to the mom. 

Some even adopted the name on Twitter. Others are considering a real-life name change.

Most are understandably questioning the mother’s motives.

One guy was reminded of another viral baby name.

At least one person doesn’t think the name is so bad.

Many are suggesting the mother reconsider her choice.

We’re glad Squire Sebastian Senator’s mom sees a bright future for her son, but maybe consider letting the kid use a nickname?

H/T: Indy100, New York Post